Best beaches around the world

Summer is here at last and and it’s time to pack up your bags and get to the beaches to cool off away from the scorching heat of the cities.

Here’s a list of some of the best and the most beautiful beaches around the world for you to visit this summer.

Glass beach, California

Glass beachesThis beach has sea glass dumped along the complete coast due to washing up of glass over the years from the waste dumped in the sea. Glass beach has become a tourist attraction over the years owing to the beauty of the beach.

Flamenco beach, Puerto Rico

Flamenco beachesThis beach is one of the most beautiful beaches around the world with its turquoise waters, white sand and abundant water sport opportunities like scuba diving and snorkeling and other activities such as hiking and camping.

Playa Del Amor beach, Mexico

Playa Del Amor beaches

This beach is also known as the hidden beach as it is hidden away from sight underneath the landscape. This beach can only be reached by swimming for kayaking and the path is a bit dangerous with rocks it is worth the effort to enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Reynisfjara beach, Iceland

Reynisfjara beachesReynisfjara beach has deep black sand stretching along its coast and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iceland however the waves here can be extremely dangerous and hence the people are always cautioned to be on alert when visiting this beach.

Shell beach, Australia

shell beaches

This beach in Australia is one of the two beaches around the world that are made fully of shells of cockle variety which stretches over 70 kilometres of the beach. The beach is also very easy to swim or float for people who don’t know swimming due to its high salinity.

Treasure beach, Jamaica

Treasure beaches

Treasure beach consists of four bays- Billy’s, Calabash, Fort Charles and Frenchman’s. This fishing village gives one a peep into the local Jamaican culture alongwith mouthwatering local seafood. The beach stretches along 6 miles of the bay and consists of the both white sand beaches and dark sand beaches and are some of the most beautiful beaches around the world.

Matira beach, Bora Bora

Matira beachesThis beach one of the few beaches in Bora Bora that are open to the public and hence is always frequented by tourists. The beach consists of pure golden, beautiful sand, lush blue water and thick greenery around the island will not fail to captivate any traveler here.

Champagne beach, Vanuatu

Champagne beachesThis beach located in the Espiritu Santo island in Vanuatu is on the most popular beaches in the South Pacific. This beach is frequented by a lot of cruises owing to its scenic beauty with its azure blue waters and sparkling white sand.


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