A guide to the accumulation and usage of air miles

So one of the best travel hacks ever is to earn maximum number of loyalty points or air miles which you can use to get flight tickets to anywhere in the world and this can even include first class tickets. This guide to accumulation and usage of miles is a how-to for everyone on earning and using them properly

Get on a flight

The first and foremost way to earn miles would be to travel by air. When you get on a flight you get an appropriate number of air miles for the area you cover. However the cost of the flight also matters a lot, flying on heavily discounted flights does not earn you as much miles as flying on regular costing flights will. But the more number of flights you get on the higher will be the amount of miles you earn. So, it would be a great idea for frequent fliers to get on the loyalty programs to accumulate air miles.

Swipe it up

Another easy way to earn air miles would be to use credit cards instead of paying money for your purchases. Swiping your credit card will earn you miles appropriate to the amount of money you spent. American express cards, for example, have various travel rewards cards which can be used to hoard your air miles and then jet off to any part of the world you want.

Shop till you drop

Many major airlines have partnerships with several shops where you can earn air miles for the amount of money you spend shopping there. You can also earn miles if you shop online on sites such as Target or Best Buy through the online portal of the particular airlines.

Enjoying a hotel room

Many major airlines have partnerships with international hotel chains through which you can earn miles if you stay in those specific hotels. Hotels such as Langham hotels and Pan Pacific hotels provide these opportunities where they give air miles for every stay on top of their own reward points.

Other “grounded” activities

There are many other ways through which one can earn air miles without having to get on a flight. Several banks with partnerships with certain airlines offer air miles on the opening of a new account with the back. Certain sites such as eMiles and erewards also offer miles on filling up survey forms with them. Dining at specific hotels can also help you to accumulate air miles over time.

These miles can be used to book tickets to anywhere you want in any class you want but the best use of air miles would be to book first class tickets using them. This is so because there is not much of a cost difference between economy tickets and first class tickets when booked using miles, so the miles that you have been hoarding now can be used for you to travel in style to your vacation spot.


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