A Guide to Packing Lightly

  1. Carry a bag that is about 15% smaller than the size of the luggage you intend to take. As you have a smaller bag you will only pack the items that will fir in the bag. Hence, you will be sure to not over-pack and only take enough items that are necessary for your trip however long it is.
  2. Make a checklist of the items required on your journey so that you can differentiate between the necessary and unnecessary items.
  3. While packing your clothes try to pack neutral shades such as blacks, greys, whites, and beige which you can mix and match over various days.
  4. Try to wear your bulkiest items during your travel to prevent your luggage from being too hefty or bulky. Filling your pockets with stuff is also another way to reduce your luggage.
  5. Try to avoid packing too many shoes. While packing, ask yourself if you really need those many shoes, removing even one pair will help you to minimize the bulkiness of your luggage. Often you can make do with a pair of casual shoes and a pair of more formal ones instead of filling a whole bag with shoes.
  6. Roll your clothes instead of folding them up. This will save a lot of space for you in your bag and avoids overcrowding in your bag.
  7. Pack your luggage keeping in mind the number of days that you will be travelling instead of packing random clothes. It will also be good to find out the climate in your destination while you will be there to know what clothes to pack and what clothes to avoid.
  8. Pack your clothes for the duration of a week. If the trip is to last more than a week then you can always wash your clothes to use later.
  9. Pack you toiletries in a pouch to ensure it does not create a mess in your bag or make your bag crowded. Use a similar pouch to pack your makeup items for ease of access and to avoid overcrowding of the bag. Also remember to take only the items that will be absolutely necessary.
  10. Try to avoid last minute packing, it will usually take you some time to pack lightly and reduce unnecessary items in your luggage.
  11. If travelling to a place with colder weather, try to pack thermal wear instead of bulky woolen sweaters. This will save you a lot of space in your bag that can be used to pack other things.
  12. Finally, remember that the whole world is now a global village. You will be able to buy whatever you want wherever you go unless it is an uninhabited place. So you do not have to pack a whole summer load of razors or shampoos or toothpaste as you can buy these on your trip.


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