Beer Spa


Vacations usually mean a bit of self-pampering, this try something different from the usual– try out a beer spa. A beer spa will be a wonderful experience for all, one you wouldn’t want to miss. The culture originally began in Czech Republic owing to the low cost beer available in the country. A spa would therefore be a wonderful way to enjoy Czech culture and get a closer idea of the place.

What to expect?

It usually consists of a bath filled with water, beer and beer products. Generally these spa treatments are followed with other treatments such as a massage or maybe lunch at the place. The spa will also include beer for you to drink while enjoying in the spa. Most beer spas have a personal tap adjoining to the bath using which you yourself can take however much beer you want and enjoy your bath. Your personal hygiene in the beer bath is perfectly cared for as the bath is emptied out and cleared after every bath. Beer spas are usually available at hotels or spa parlours which might be adjoining to a brewery. The beer will usually have a herbal scent, hence it will be an overall pleasant experience.


Beer spas usually have capacities for a maximum of 15 people. There will be baths of different sizes that can accommodate 4 people, 3 people, 2 people or just one person. A beer bath anywhere in Czech will cost you around 100$, sometimes more, sometimes less depending upon the institution.

Health Benefits

Beer spa has a lot of health benefits for example it will invigorate your body and leave you feeling completely fresh. The spa consists of beer, water and beer products which includes barley, malt and yeast. It will help to clean out your pores and remove traces of acne or cellulite leaving your skin looking healthy and fresh. Another benefit of a beer spa would be that it is wonderful for your hair, it will make your hair shinier and leave it looking healthier. Other benefits of the beer spa is that it releases carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which will help you in several ways. It will increase your heart activity, improves blood circulation and helps to erase stress in your body. It also helps to soothe you gastro activity and increase digestion. A beer bath will leave you feeling healthy and refreshed in general.

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Today beer spa in available is a lot of different places. Some of our recommendations would be Beer Spa Bernard Prague , Chodovar Brewery Beer Baths , Pilsen Beer Spa. So this vacation book a spa for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy the beer spa.


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