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Sandemans Tour! – A perfect start to any new city! This writeup is a token of appreciation and an attempt to write a thank you note for giving us wonderful insights of Europe. It was a great experience on the first day of our Euro Tour, and it just kept getting better!

For those who don’t know about Sandeman Tours, here is a brief intro. When Chris Sandeman, the founder of Sandemans Tour took a paid tour of a city, he found it was not worth the money he paid for [information as provided by Paris tour guide Daniel]. He thought, it would be better to have a tour and then decide the price worth of the tour depending on the tour quality. Thus, born the Sandemans Free walking tour in 2003. Operating in 18 cities currently, Sandemans Tour have extremely passionate guide who work not for the money but to make the tourists see a glimpse of the city through their eyes. The guides simply love their city and make us realize it through their tours! We even had guides who fell in love with the city because of a free walking tour by this company itself!


Floating back to my thank you note, Amsterdam was the first place we took the Sandeman’s Free walking tour. Our tour guide was Sriram Ganesan alias Sam. To put in one word the tour was simply mind blowing. We never felt we had walked so much until it popped up on our phone. His energy was simply over whelming. We felt being part of the history ourselves thanks to his impressive narration. He even gave us a taste of the Dutch Cheese for free!!! Yeeeyyy!!


At night, we took the paid tour of the Red-Light District Area, and our guide was Kendra. She was extremely cheerful person and it was a delight to be in her tour group. She gave us impressive information on the lives of the people living in that area and their conditions. Since our group was small enough we even had a chance to get a glimpse of live shows!

After the Amsterdam tours, we simply became a huge fan of Sandeman and booked free tours of all other cities we visited. We had a tour guide named Daniel in Paris who was simply awesome! Next came Munich, where the tour was just average.


Barcelona – three tour within 36 hours!

When we reached Barcelona, the story was entirely different: We started with the free walking tour with Daniel whose excellent guiding skills made us take two more tours (paid). We took a total of 3 tours in Barcelona and each one proved to be better than the other! We couldn’t believe we walked nearly 20 km in a span of 36 hours and never felt a thing! All thanks to the great guides we had who kept us involved till the last moment of the tour! The Gaudi tour was beyond imagination! Our guide was Vera who was an History Art Major, and what a perfect combination we got! She blew our minds with amazing information and kept the group indulged for not just 2 hours but for a whole 4-hour time span! We greatly wished the tour would go on!

Since I couldn’t find the links for other tour guides, I dearly thank them here for their excellent services. As a fan of Sandeman, I wish they would soon open in other parts of the world as well. You have truly made our Euro Trip, a trip to remember for lifetime!

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