Things to do in Chicago

Millennium Park

Set in the idle of the city, the Millennium Park is around 25 acres of natural beauty. One of Chicago’s most famous landmark, the Cloud gate is also situated here making this a must visit place for all tourists. Today the Millennium Park is privy to several performances including art installations and concerts. The Start of Chicago Tour!

Shedd Aquarium

The John G Shedd Aquarium in Chicago houses around 1500 different species of sea life and over 32000 varieties of different fishes. The aquarium is one of the most visited aquariums in the United States with around two million visitors every year. Visitors here are often enthralled by the Oceanarium which houses dolphins and beluga whales that one can see from up close.

Field Museum of Natural History

The Field Museum of Natural History was founded in 1893 and was then known as the Columbian Museum of Natural History in lieu of the World Columbian Exposition being held then. Visitors here can see around 20 million artifacts pertaining to geology, anthropology, zoology and also botany. Do not miss out on “Sue”, the world’s largest and most complete tyrannosaurus exhibit when here.

Navy Pier

One of Chicago’s most visited tourist attraction, the Navy Pier is made up of shops, restaurants and eateries, gardens over around 50 acres of land. The Pier has a Ferris wheel and an old carousel, and also a Children’s museum to entertain children. There are also concert parks and gardens with programs and festivities year round including the Chicago Festival.

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the best art museums around the world and is home to thousands of famous art works from over centuries of time including renowned pieces such as Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte”. At 400,000 square feet and with a variety of art work including prints and photographs, the Art Institute is a must visit for art connoisseurs

Lincoln Park Zoo

One of the oldest zoos in the country the Lincoln Park Zoo never fails to surprise its visitors with its free entrance. The zoo houses a variety of animals such as zebras, hippos and giraffes which can be seen in their natural habitat. The Zoo also has a Farm-in-the-Zoo exhibit where children can pet farm animals and move on to the carousel for rides later.

Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile that runs from the Oak Street to the Chicago River is one of the best shopping districts throughout the world. The “Mag Mile”, consists of around 400 shops lining the road including high end showrooms and little boutiques to quench any shopaholic’s desires.


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