Things to do in London

The Big Ben

One of the most iconic landmarks of London, the Big Ben refers to the big clock in a tower officially called the Elizabeth tower, found at the north end of the Palace of Westminster. The big ben is called “the most iconic film location in London” with filmmakers showing just the Big Ben to show London.

The London Eye

The London eye is another famous landmark drawing in a huge amount of visitors both locals and tourists every day. A ride on this huge Ferris wheel can provide one with some of the best views of the London cityscape including views of around 50 of the city’s landmarks.


Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum

The world renowned Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum can get you a one on one meeting with some of the most important and famous faces from around the world including the likes of Shakespeare, Lady Gaga, Queen Elizabeth II or even Elvis Presley. The museum offers some exciting photo opportunities and is sure to enthral every visitor here no matter what.

Buckhingam Palace

The Buckhingam Palace, the residence of Queen Elizabeth II allows visitors to view the grandeur and opulence of the royalty during the summers and this a tour that can awe anyone. Visitors can also view the famous Changing of the Guard or the Guard Mounting.

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Hyde Park

This is the biggest and one of the most well know parks in London city. The park has seen and hosted several demonstrations and rallies over the centuries and is still a tribute to the old times with the Speakers corner drawing in speakers and performances even today.

Tower of London

One of the most famous buildings around the world, the Tower of London has been privy to a number of occupational changes throughout its history of over 900 years. Today the Tower of London is house to the crown jewels and visitors here can view the jewels in the Crown Jewels Exhibition. Visitors can also hear about the history of the tower from the Yeoman Warders or the guards accompanying the tours.

Tower Bridge

Built around 120 years ago, the Tower Bridge lying over the Thames River is another iconic symbol of London city. The Tower Bridge is a beautiful architectural work but it is also known for its moveable roadways, meaning the bridge splits from the middle and moves away from when a ship approaches. Visitors can also get tickets to climb to the top of the tower to get beautiful views of the city line.

Westminster Abbey

One of the most famous churches from around the world, the Westminster Abbey has been privy to a large number of royal celebrations including coronations and weddings. Visitors here share the history of the Abbey with guided (and fast paced tours) around the Abbey to see the Royal Tombs, the Shrine, the Poets’ Corner, the Cloisters and the Nave.

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