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The Unopened Door Of Nature – (WATERFALLS)


The Unopened Door Of Nature – (WATERFALLS)

We all have a tiny and childish traveller deep down within us, who always seeks to explore the unexplored places. No matter how old you grow or in whichever situation you are, never let that child within you get lost.

Well, nature just like Santa clause in the cold wintry Christmas morning keeps surprising us with its different form of gifts and that too every day. One can always look at the nature’s beauty and recall the exact picture within his/her frame of mind 20-30 year later, that is the power of nature.  The resources provided by nature are omnipresent, we can find them everywhere.

How does it feel to see something as gigantic and as jaw dropping as the majestic waterfalls?  Yes, it’s also one of the resources of nature which is still in the process of its own discovery.

What if we try to make the traveller within you travel the breath-taking waterfalls and see the water in there change its colour from crystal to turquoise.

Let’s look at some of the beautiful waterfalls across the world!!!

Victoria falls in Zimbabwe

Victoria Waterfalls

This mesmerizing   waterfall is   located on the Zambia and Zimbabwe border. Such is the height of water that it falls straight for about 354ft. It is as wide as 5640ft. It can be an attractive tourist location.

Iguazu falls in Argentina/Brazil

Iguazu Waterfalls

Not only being restricted to producing legendry footballer Lionel Messi, Argentina has some amazing tourist spots as well. Located on the borders of Brazil and Argentina, this waterfall is not that high just 285ft. It stretches over 2700m.

Niagara falls in USA/ Canada

It’s the most popular and famous waterfall, tourist visiting USA make a point to see this scenic beauty. Amalgam of two falls, the Horseshoe falls on the Canadian side and the American Falls on the American side separated by an island, the Niagara Falls mark the US and Canadian border.


Plitvice falls in Croatia

Plitvice Waterfalls

The alluring view of Croatia is out of the world. The Plitvice falls are located in the    Plitvice lakes National Park. They are not very high and hundreds of waterfalls are formed from it. The white water of the Plitvice falls varies from crystal clear to azure to turquoise. It’s totally stunning.


Nohkalikai falls in India

Nohkalikai Waterfalls

This beauty is located near Cherrapunji, the wettest place on earth. The water falls for about 1100ft and stretches up to 2km. As the water falls and hits the ground, a small pool is formed which is green in colour.

Words are not enough to describe the natural resources, you must go and take a deep plunge into the pool of nature and find yourself solace and peace. Nothing can beat the crystal-clear water of the waterfalls.

So, go and get your travel bags ready and instead of heading towards some hill station or picnic spot, leave right away to see what nature has stored in for you in form of the waterfalls.  You will be totally inexplicable after seeing it and it’s worth your time.


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